Just Puttin' It Out There

by Lisa Cadigan


A couple of my essays have been picked up by other blogs over the past few weeks, which I find rather exciting.  One of the essays I wrote over a year ago, which just proves the enduring nature of “putting stuff out there” into cyber-space for people to find when they need it most.

Thanks to Karen Hendricks at Hendricks Communications for sharing my piece, “Lessons from the Playground” on her blog Off the Merry-Go-Round, where the mission is to provide a “place of community & inspiration for parents who have scaled back their professional careers in favor of quality family time.”

And thanks to fellow Listen To Your Mother alum Kristi Rieger Campbell for sharing my “Field Day” essay, retitled “Born Leader” on her site, Finding Ninee, as part of the Our Land Series.  I am honored to be included in the Our Land series, which features posts that focus on living with empathy and wonder.

Both of the essays were originally published on my other blog, Daily Presents, which is the space I reserve to write about finding extraordinary gifts in the every day, hopefully with a sense of humor.

It means the world to me when people are touched by things that I write enough to share them with their friends.  Write on, read on, and enjoy summer!

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