Come See Pomona’s Trio – June 7th

Pomona's-Trio-June7-blog-1I’m thrilled to announce that on Sunday, June 7 at 3 pm, Pomona’s Trio will be giving a concert at the Stone Jug House in Biglerville, PA at 3 pm. Reservations are required, with a $15 donation requested at the door. Email or call 717-677-4420 for more information.  

In March of 2011, I met Bret Crawford and Marc Jalbert and nervously but bravely asked, “Do you need a singer?”  The duo had been playing together for about ten years by that time. They invited me to come to Marc’s restaurant, Pomona’s Bakery Café, after it closed one Thursday night, which was when the two got together to play each week. On the first night, I sang a few tunes with them, but mostly I just listened. Marc and Bret communicated beautifully with their instruments, old friends finishing each other’s sentences with every riff. There was no audience during those early meetings – just three people, an empty restaurant and the sounds of jazz. Each week I hoped they would invite me back the following Thursday. I don’t remember when it became an assumption we would all be there and none of us wanted to miss it.

The following summer, Marc decided to open the restaurant for dinner, and our sessions became open to the public, although the performances maintained a casual, open-rehearsal feel. We still laugh through our mistakes and work out new music in the company of regular patrons, who have made a habit of coming each Thursday for great food and live music. We plays jazz standards, original tunes by Marc and Bret, and some of our own arrangements of popular songs by a variety of artists including The Beatles, Peter Gabriel and Bob Dylan, among others.

Marc sold Pomona’s Bakery Café in 2014, and it was renamed Fidler & Co., but we still play there every Thursday night. And now we’ve been invited to play a concert, which will be different, because instead of being the background music to a meal, eyes will be on us.  Should be interesting and a lot of fun.

If you can’t make it on June 7, you can still find us at Fidler & Co. most Thursdays from 6 – 8:30 or 9 pm. Each week we look forward to enjoying good company, great music and delicious food thanks to new owners Josh and Dan Fidler, while keeping the name that honors our beginnings, Pomona’s Trio. Hope to see you soon!

PomonasTrio2_thumbSunday, June 7 at 3 pm
Pomona’s Trio at Stone Jug House, Biglerville, PA
Reservations are required, with a $15 donation requested at the door.

Email or call 717-677-4420 for more information.

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