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The People Project 2020

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The People Project 2020

The People Project is taking a great evolutionary step! This year, the YWCA’s Forums Committee approached me with some incredible stories from our own Adams County community that are begging to be told. As a result, the committee, Gettysburg College’s Theatre Arts department and I are partnering to produce this performance. The...Read More »

Introducing Donna Harrison, Principal at James Gettys Elementary

Cadigan Creative is happy to provide services for the Adams County Arts Council’s annual Arts Benefit Children campaign.  This year, we featured area educators on the importance of arts education.   I had the pleasure of interviewing Donna Harrison, principal at James Gettys Elementary School in Gettysburg, and I asked her how...Read More »

Featured Artist: Ann Imig

Founder and National Director of Listen To Your Mother by Lisa Cadigan I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ann Imig about the Listen To Your Mother show coming to a city near you this spring, and her book, Listen To Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now,...Read More »

Glitter & Glue for GOOD: A Fundraiser for the Adams County Arts Council

trade paperback coverThis post was originally published at “If you had asked me, after I graduated college, whose voice I would hear in my head for the rest of my life, I’d have said some combination of my dad’s and my roommate Tracy’s and Jackson Browne’s. I would have continued with ten...Read More »

Give Back...And Pass It On!

Happy Holidays, Friends! I am honored to be helping the Adams County Arts Council with another Online Fundraising Event at such a special time of year. How will you spend your time this holiday season?  Watching your favorite holiday movies?  Going to a show, concert, play or pageant?  Will you visit a...Read More »

Featured Artist: Carol Herren Foerster

by Lisa Cadigan An earlier version of this article was originally published on the Adams County Arts Council’s blog on June 23, 2014. Adams County Arts Council member Carol Herren Foerster has been sharing her drawings in Adams County for more than 25 years, but she recently recommitted herself to “really doing...Read More »

Reading Rare Bird

Inspired Writers Series: Anna Whiston Donaldson, author of Rare Bird by Lisa Cadigan I am honored to be an early reader of Anna Whiston-Donaldson’s memoir, Rare Bird, and to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you about it today, one week prior to its availability in bookstores (you can pre-order on...Read More »

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