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Adams County Arts CouncilACACLogo

In March of this year, I was nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Adams County Arts Council.  I am honored and thrilled to help serve this organization’s mission to cultivate an arts-rich community.  Plan on seeing projects and artists featured on our creative community page in connection with this amazing organization, comprised of people with a shared passion for art and community-building.  Click here to read more and offer your support to the ACAC.


booksThe Journal Project

Cadigan Creative is proud to support The Journal Project.  Founded by featured artist/writer Arwen Faulkner, The Journal Project is a non-profit organization that provides free journals to the residents of various community organizations, maternity homes and domestic violence shelters.  Find out more about how you can support The Journal Project on the web site and on Facebook.


MSMDMonkeeMonkee See – Monkee Do

Cadigan Creative is an official fundraiser for the Monkee See – Monkee Do organization, whose mission is carried out based on the following premises:

“We Belong To Each Other.

We see needs in our communities and we do something about them.

We focus on parents. We help moms and dads who could use a hand.

We call ourselves Monkees because we’re like monks, in that we put our faith in something beyond ourselves, we find value in quiet, and we practice living peacefully in community – here on the internet and beyond. We’re unlike monks in that we curse and watch trash tv and become annoyed quite easily. So we settled on Monkees. We are the Monkees.”

The organization was largely made possible by writer Glennon Melton and her blog, Momastery.  With Glennon’s inspired words as the springboard, MSMD’s goals coincide beautifully with Cadigan Creative’s mission to use creativity to make the world a better place.  Click here to read more about Monkee See – Monkee Do.  Once you read the moving stories of their projects, you can show your support with an online donation.


Cathleen-studentUnder the Horizon Pottery & Arts Studio

Under the Horizon’s (UTH) mission is to provide Adams County, PA with a relaxed and affordable arts venue appropriate for all art types and interests. Services include classes in visual and performance art, concerts, open studio hours, party hosting, special events and more.  Cathleen Lerew, founder and principle artist at UTH, believes that the means for creativity should be accessible to everyone as a right, not a privilege.  Cadigan Creative is proud to include UTH on our list of featured organizations.  You can find them online here, or on Facebook.