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Just Puttin' It Out There

by Lisa Cadigan A couple of my essays have been picked up by other blogs over the past few weeks, which I find rather exciting.  One of the essays I wrote over a year ago, which just proves the enduring nature of “putting stuff out there” into cyber-space for people to...Read More »

Once upon a time...

by Lisa Cadigan Friends – I am thrilled to be volunteering as the co-curator of the Adams County Arts Council’s blog with my friend and colleague, Karen Hendricks of Hendricks Communications.  We are launching the new blog with an online event to raise money for scholarships for kids who may not...Read More »

Toot Your Horn

It’s As Easy As Counting To Four by Lisa Cadigan   I’m a believer that our actions and words have impact beyond our greatest imaginings.  We all have stories of one kind word that changed the course of our day, memories of people who have touched our lives in ways that change the...Read More »

The Journal Project

JournalProjectby Arwen Faulkner One of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received was a diary with a lock and key. It wasn’t much to look at, really, just a simple white plastic-covered notebook with the word DIARY embossed in gold-coloured script across the front. But I loved that little book so very...Read More »

The Thaw

by Lisa Cadigan It’s been a long, snowy winter here.   Long, snowy winters tend to not be the greatest for my mental state, but since I am aware of this fact, I think the toll has been less so than in the past.  That said, it has been a long, snowy...Read More »

Paying It Forward

by Lisa Cadigan One of the magical things about the internet is the power it gives us to reach out to people with whom our paths may not otherwise cross.  My path recently intersected with a young woman named Anna Soubbotina.  I have never met Anna in person, but she is...Read More »


by Lisa Cadigan Published also on Daily Presents This year I am resolving to do less. Less running around. Less stressing out about trivial things. Less snapping and barking. Less work. Yes, less work. If I keep my resolution to do less, I am fairly certain that the work that takes precedence in my life will be...Read More »

Deck the Halls with Clay and Collage

by Lisa Cadigan   Thanks to the many artists and community members who attended the Adams County Arts Council’s opening celebration of its annual Holiday Show on December 6.  The show and artist events continue this week with Lori Nelson and Amy Svec, who will offer demonstrations on Saturday, December 14. At 10...Read More »

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