Give Back…And Pass It On!

GiveNowHappy Holidays, Friends!

I am honored to be helping the Adams County Arts Council with another Online Fundraising Event at such a special time of year.

It-s-A-Wonderful-Life-picHow will you spend your time this holiday season?  Watching your favorite holiday movies?  Going to a show, concert, play or pageant?  Will you visit a special display at a museum or art gallery?  Will holiday music be the soundtrack to the rituals and traditions that make this time of year so special?

Holiday traditions color our lives and shape the memories we make with loved ones.  And they all have a common foundation: Art.

Credit-ChristieArtists are storytellers, musicians, and the creators of delicious recipes. They are performers, painters, and sculptors. They are the creators and keepers of beauty and joy. They connect us to nature, the sublime and to each other.  The arts are a gift we are given every day, from the moment the alarm clock wakes us with our favorite song, to the moment we curl up with Grandma’s hand-knit blanket in front of the fire, watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The Adams County Arts Council is dedicated to cultivating an arts-rich community.  In 2014, ACAC served 299 summer campers, 246 pre-K students, 174 middle and high school students and 663 adult students.  The artist-in-residence program brought the joy of the arts to 1,528 students.  In addition to educational opportunities, ACAC hosted exhibits throughout the year at the Center and throughout the community at places like the Farmer’s Market and Hauser’s Winery. There was a masquerade celebration and a summer fiesta, and in a few weeks, you can ring in the New Year with ACAC, who is partnering with the Gettysburg Borough, ACNB Bank, Columbia Gas, Destination Gettysburg, and the Gettysburg Eagles Club to provide entertainment and merriment.

Give Back…And Pass It On.

Acknowledging the treasury the arts provides to our community, can you give a gift back to the arts this time of year?  It’s simple to ensure that the arts will continue to thrive in Adams County for years to come:  just give back, and pass it on.  Both steps are important, and we appreciate your support.

  1. Give back.
    Beginning today, December 16, through Thursday, December 18, ACAC is hosting a special online fundraising event. Make your gift of $50, $100, $250 or in any amount you have to give by clicking here.  We are hoping to raise $7,200 in 72 hours, but we need your help!
  2. Pass it on.
    Share the gift of giving with your friends through your social media accounts or by email.  Passing this post on to as many people as possible will build our creative community, ensuring future success.
  3. Stay tuned. If you haven’t already subscribed, please sign up to receive emails from ACAC. Learn about all of the opportunities ACAC has for you throughout the year.  And watch ACAC’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, as we update progress of this fantastic online event!

We thank you in advance for your gift.  Donors of $50 or more will receive recognition on ACAC’s blog and in a special holiday email greeting following the campaign.  Givers of $250 or more will be entered into a raffle for a free class at the ACAC this January or for a ticket to our upcoming event with NY Times Best-selling Author Kelly Corrigan in March.

Enjoy this season of giving!


Photo Credit (cookie): Christie Cordiano of Cordiano Photography
Photo Credit (Kelly Corrigan): Betsy Barnes

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