The People Project 2020


The People Project is taking a great evolutionary step!

This year, the YWCA’s Forums Committee approached me with some incredible stories from our own Adams County community that are begging to be told. As a result, the committee, Gettysburg College’s Theatre Arts department and I are partnering to produce this performance.

The People Project is an evening of original compositions that will be presented by the Gettysburg College Theatre Arts department, written and performed by Gettysburg College students and members of the Adams County community, and directed and scripted by Lisa Cadigan in collaboration with the Forums committee, which is a group representing YWCA Gettysburg/Adams County and the Middle East Peace & Justice Group of South Central PA. The project aims to take an audience on a well-crafted journey that celebrates diversity and fosters empathy and connection, by giving voice to local, personal stories and experiences, in the form of original readings and scenes performed live, on-stage.

The theme for the 2020 People Project is “Masks of Oppression.” The Gettysburg YWCA has collected stories from Adams County residents to spread awareness about personal experiences of prejudice and oppression, in the hopes that we can begin to heal the wounds that have been unfortunately inflicted in our own community.

What are we looking for?

A diverse cast of performers, writers, and volunteers from ALL backgrounds who will collaboratively work to develop and perform a script of these stories.

The stories presently incorporated into our script require the following:

  • two women of Middle Eastern descent
  • two African American men
  • two African American women
  • one transgender man (woman who could be costumed masculinely or man who could be costumed femininely)
  • one Asian American woman
  • one white couple
  • Other student stories may also be considered, and ensemble members of all backgrounds are welcome to participate.

Rehearsal time will be kept to a minimum and worked around your schedule to the best of our ability. There will be a mandatory tech rehearsal on March 3. You must be available on both performance dates to participate.

Questions? Email Lisa Cadigan.

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