Do you see what I see?

by Lisa Cadigan


Are you in the market for a nativity scene – large or small?  Indoor or outdoor? A tree topper?  Unique ornaments?  A new tree?  If you’re shopping for Christmas decor this holiday season, consider bypassing the big super-stores, and instead, shop from the comfort of your own home at started in 2000, offering a small selection of nativity scenes.  Over the past thirteen years, they have expanded to include everything from Christmas trees, to toppers, to Advent calendars.  A small business based in Arendtsville, PA, the owners of this lovely enterprise happen to be dear friends of mine, and their business practices reflect their lifestyle of gratitude and compassion.  Visit their home page, and you will see this statement: “Because we feel deeply committed to sharing our blessings, we have always donated ten percent of all profits to charity.”  And indeed, ten percent of all of their profits go towards The Nature Conservancy and Food for the Poor.

My friends at Yonderstar are very busy this time of year, and they don’t even know (yet) that I am writing this little endorsement for them.  But as an admirer of all they do as well as the ways they do it, their business seemed a perfect fit for Cadigan Creative’s creative community during this lovely time of year.

Visit or find them on Facebook today.

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